New Menu at Bodega

24th February 2018

New Menu at Bodega

The Flavours of South America

Bodega have launched their new menu, with exciting new flavours available for all. The menu is much slimmed down from their previous offering, which was a little bewildering to the uninitiated. But all of the old favourites are still on offer, with sections of street food, light bites, main meals and a tempting array of desserts.

Vegetarians welcome

There is ample choice on offer for vegetarians. The new Quinoa Chifa dish is a Peruvian-Chinese stirfry dish with tofu and an array of bright vegetables all wrapped in a flavourful teryaki sauce. It's light and full of flavour. On the light dish menu, vegetarians and meat eaters alike will also love the combination of sweet and savoury in the sticky agave sweet potato served with black olives and queso fresco.

Old Favourites and New Adventures

Of course, it isn't wholesale change. The old favourites which we all know and love are available - fantastic nachos, bulging burritos and more exotic dishes like the Brazilian Xim xim - a creamy coconut sauce enfolding delicately spiced prawns and chicken in this delicate South American curry-style dish.

You can also still enjoy a range of their street food dishes accompanied with a drink for just £6 on the lunchtime special menu. So there is no excuse not to pop over and give them a try, if you're looking for a taste of the exotic here in St Martin's Square!

the summer fayre at St Martin’s Square the summer fayre at St Martin’s Square the summer fayre at St Martin’s Square